Bonnie Has Left The Building

Brian takes off with Rudy's Triumph Bonneville.

It’s been an amazing journey. Approximately 12 months ago I purchased a 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 and subsequently went to town on modifying it, changing it into a proper old school café racer. It was fun and man!, did I learn a lot. I begrudgingly put it up for sale a couple months ago and […]

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The state of my Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle at the end of June 2015. Bonnie Café.

It is with much difficulty and after deep internal debate that I bring you this news. No doubt I’ll be considered a traitor by some. I won’t dispute the charge. A little over three weeks ago I purchased a used BMW R1200GS. If you’re not familiar with the bike, it’s an enduro/dual-sport bike. Let me […]

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Paolo Tarozzi Clip On Handlebars

Paolo Tarozzi motorcyle clip on handlebars. Bonnie Café.

I think it’s about time to change the name of this blog to Yep, an install of yet another pair of handlebars. Man, I’m picky! I’m not going to apologize though. The handlebars connect you to the bike. They are one of the most important components of your motorcycle. You and your bike communicate […]

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D9 VDO Lay Flat Bracket

D9 VDO Standard Lay Flat V1 Bracket for the Triumph Bonneville T100 instrument cluster. Bonnie Café.

Hello, Triumph Fans! If you’ve been following along, you know that I swapped the handlebar (first with Dime City and then with Joker Machine), swapped out the headlamp brackets, lowered the turn signals, and lowered the rectifier using a Motone bracket. This left the speedo and tach sticking up like a pair of hermit crab […]

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Motone Rectifier Relocation Bracket for Triumph

Motone Rectifier Relocation Bracket for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

The mods keep coming! This latest one is part of a series, one in which I’ve swapped out the handlebars (for a second time) and “need” to lower the headlamp in order to lower the instrument cluster. I lowered the headlamp when I installed the SMT MOTO headlamp ears but the rectifier prevented the headlamp […]

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Joker Machine Clip-On Handlebars

Joker Machine motorcycle clip ons - 41mm fork tube, 1" diameter bar.

If you’ve been following along, you know that the first mod I did to my 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black motorcycle was swapping the stock handlebar with a Dime City Clubman-type “Speed” drop handlebar. A very cool new look, to say the least. Recently, Joker Machine sent me a pair of clip-on handlebars to review. […]

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TEC Progressive Fork Springs

TEC progressive fork springs for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

Back in January, I installed some pretty awesome TEC rear shocks. My intention was to replace the fork springs at the same time. Unfortunately, TEC was back ordered until April. Well, guess what? It was a wait but I finally received the fork springs, as promised, end of April. Before we begin the install, exactly […]

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SMT MOTO Headlamp Brackets (aka Ears)

SMT MOTO aluminum headlamp ears for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

Back in Mod #20, I replaced the front turn signals and positioned them off of the headlamp ears. Joker Machine had sent me a pair of clip ons to try and in order to do so, they need to be installed on the forks. This requires replacing the stock OEM headlamp ears since they cover […]

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TEC 2-1 Exhaust with Baffle Removed

Removing the circlip holding in the baffle of a TEC 2-1 exhaust for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

As you know, one of my first reviews many moons ago was where I swapped the stock pipes for the TEC 2-1 pipes. This past weekend, I finally picked up a good pair of circlip pliers and got around to removing the baffle in the interest of hearing what it would sound like, and I […]

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Scottoiler V System Auto Chain Lubricator

The reservoir (RVM) of the Scottoiler V System vacuum auto chain lubricating system for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

My bike, a 2014 T100, is a daily commuter. It dawned on me after riding throughout this past winter that I had totally neglected my chain. As you can see in the above photo, the chain and sprocket are completely dry. In fact, rust is even setting in. Embarrassing, quite honestly. I took to Google to research […]

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Oil Filler Plugs:
LC Fabrications vs Joker Machine vs Triumph

Oil Filler Caps: LC Fabrications vs Joker Machine vs Stock Triumph. Bonnie Café.

I received a couple different oil filler plugs (or caps, if you’d like), so I thought I’d compare them. The stock Triumph oil filler plug: The first contender, the LC Fabrications oil cap: And the second, the Joker Machine oil filler plug: Both are aluminum, very well machined and come with O-ring. Let’s compare both […]

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Lockhart-Phillips Turn Signals,
British Customs Front Turn Signal Bracket, &
New Bonneville Front Signal Wiring Interconnects

British Customs Front Turn Signals Relocation Bracket. Bonnie Café.

For this post, I’m going to do something a little different and combine a couple different installs. In Bonnie Mod #16, I installed the Maund Speed Fender Eliminator Kit. I installed all four Lockhart-Phillips turn signals (with the help of the New Bonneville harness and interconnects) but didn’t document the front turn signals. I’m going […]

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Joker Machine LED Lucas Tail Light &
Kisan Tailblazer Brake Light Modulator

Joker Machine Rear Tail Light and Kisan Brake Modulator for a Triumph Bonneville. Bonnie Café.

In Bonnie Mod #16, I removed the rear fender by way of the Maund Speed kit. The Maund bracket itself is a very solid piece. However, the supplied Lucas-style tail light by Dixie/EMGO is incredibly cheap. During this past winter, the tail light died on me. Removing the rear fender looks extremely cool but functionally, […]

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Joker Machine Mirror Hole Plugs

Joker Machine Mirror Hole Plugs for the Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

Not sure if this counts as a mod. Technically speaking, I guess it does. When I installed the Joker Machine bar end mirrors (see mod here), I removed the stock Triumph mirrors. This left two holes in the clutch and brake control assemblies. Visually, not *terribly* noticeable but after a while trace amounts of rust […]

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British Customs vs Home Depot

British Customs vs Home Depot hardware for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

With all the modding I’ve been doing, I find that I have to pull the seat off a lot. (Actually, it’s probably because I create a lot of short circuits, but I digress.) Anyway, I have to pull the seat off a lot. The stock Triumph way is bullocks. Very cumbersome. After a few times, […]

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Venture Heat Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Venture Heat heated motorcycle gloves. These have been in daily use for three months during this past brutal NY winter. Notice that one of the voltage regulators is missing. Bonnie Café.

Since the inception of this blog, I haven’t reviewed any apparel or gear, but I’ve been wanting to, so let me start with a review of these gloves. I decided that I’m not going to review anything until I feel I’ve run it through its paces. Personally, I don’t think reviews of a newly acquired […]

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Tamarit/Negro 8 Jarama Café Seat

Tamarit/Negro 8 Jarama café style motorcycle seat for a Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Café.

I’ve been shopping around for a new seat for the Bonneville since I bought it. 0bviously, I wanted a café style solo seat. There are many, many options out there such as a fitting a Thruxton cowl, Dime City, Corbin, British Customs, tons of 3rd parties on eBay, etc. I spent a lot of time […]

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Maund Speed Fender Eliminator Kit +
New Bonneville Wiring Harness

Fender Eliminator Kit with front and rear turn signals and tail light from Maund. Bonnie Café.

As I continue to transform the Bonneville into a proper café racer, the next bit of stodginess that needed to go was the fenders. It’s very popular to remove the rear fender as evidenced by the myriad of third party eliminator kits available. The idea is to remove the rear fender completely. Doing this also […]

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Joker Machine Clutch & Brake Levers

Close up of Joker Machine Clutch and Brake Levers for a Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Café.

Another nice piece of hardware from the Joker Machine – a well crafted, ergonomic set of hand levers to replace the Triumph stock brake and clutch levers. Bryan Warren sent me these and I was very impressed. A solid piece of billet. (I suppose that’s redundant.) The levers were packed the same as other JM […]

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Corroded, Fried, Dead Bonneville T100 Ignition Switch

Inside view of the contact plate of an ignition switch for a Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Cafe.

My bike is approximately four months old. Therefore, the ignition switch has been in use for four months. Yeah, I was annoyed with the position that Triumph placed it. Sure, isn’t everyone with sense? So, three months ago, I moved the ignition switch to the downtube using Joker Machine‘s Relocater Bracket (see this mod and […]

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