Pep Boys’ Magnetic Cup

Pep Boy's magnetic cup for all your bits that you're pulling off the bike. Bonnie Café.

Wow! Talk about a great find! Every time I’m working on the bike (aka motorcycle for seo benefits), I find myself misplacing bits. The other day I was wandering around in Pep Boys and stumbled across their magnetic collapsible tray. What a find, and it was only $3.00. I highly recommend it. It sticks in […]

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Lonelec Interface Cable for TuneECU

LonElec interface cable to patch into the ECU of a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

Let me preface by saying, “tread lightly.” With certain mods that I’ve been doing (swapping the exhaust with an aftermarket TEC 2-1 and removing the baffle), those that I have planned (air box removal), or simply just wanting to learn more about how to make my bike perform as best as possible, TuneECU has been […]

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Triumph Bonneville T100 Torque Settings

Tekton torque wrench used to tighten down bolts on my Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

I culled these torque settings from the 2012 Hayne’s Service & Repair Manual. What I’m posting applies ONLY to a late model Triumph Bonneville T100 (EFI). I created this page as an easy way to pull up this data on my smart phone when I’m outside working on the bike. I hope you find it […]

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Corroded, Fried, Dead Bonneville T100 Ignition Switch

Inside view of the contact plate of an ignition switch for a Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Cafe.

My bike is approximately four months old. Therefore, the ignition switch has been in use for four months. Yeah, I was annoyed with the position that Triumph placed it. Sure, isn’t everyone with sense? So, three months ago, I moved the ignition switch to the downtube using Joker Machine‘s Relocater Bracket (see this mod and […]

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