Paolo Tarozzi Clip On Handlebars

Paolo Tarozzi motorcyle clip on handlebars. Bonnie Café.

I think it’s about time to change the name of this blog to Yep, an install of yet another pair of handlebars. Man, I’m picky! I’m not going to apologize though. The handlebars connect you to the bike. They are one of the most important components of your motorcycle. You and your bike communicate […]

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Joker Machine Clip-On Handlebars

Joker Machine motorcycle clip ons - 41mm fork tube, 1" diameter bar.

If you’ve been following along, you know that the first mod I did to my 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black motorcycle was swapping the stock handlebar with a Dime City Clubman-type “Speed” drop handlebar. A very cool new look, to say the least. Recently, Joker Machine sent me a pair of clip-on handlebars to review. […]

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SMT MOTO Headlamp Brackets (aka Ears)

SMT MOTO aluminum headlamp ears for a Triumph Bonneville T100 motorcycle. Bonnie Café.

Back in Mod #20, I replaced the front turn signals and positioned them off of the headlamp ears. Joker Machine had sent me a pair of clip ons to try and in order to do so, they need to be installed on the forks. This requires replacing the stock OEM headlamp ears since they cover […]

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GenMar Handlebar Risers

GenMar Handlebar Risers for a Triumph Bonneville T100, Bonnie Cafe.

Hey, Kids! So, after swapping out my stock handlebar… or is it “handlebars” – it’s really only just one bar, right? Anyway, after swapping it out with the Dime City Cycle Speed, aka Clubman, aka Drop, handlebar, I found that I was plopping too much weight on the front end (I’m a big guy). I kept having […]

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Dime City Cycle "Speed" Clubman Dropbar

Dime City Speed Clubman Handlebar for a Triumph Bonneville T100, Bonnie Cafe.

Ever since my ’59 BSA, I’ve loved the café racer. Screaming across the Bay Bridge on the BSA was such a high! Café racers are nowhere near being comfortable but, DAMN!, they’re the coolest and most fun. Don’t get me wrong… I love my new 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 but it is a bit stodgy. After the […]

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