Maund Speed Fender Eliminator Kit +
New Bonneville Wiring Harness

Fender Eliminator Kit with front and rear turn signals and tail light from Maund. Bonnie Café.

As I continue to transform the Bonneville into a proper café racer, the next bit of stodginess that needed to go was the fenders. It’s very popular to remove the rear fender as evidenced by the myriad of third party eliminator kits available. The idea is to remove the rear fender completely. Doing this also […]

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Joker Machine Clutch & Brake Levers

Close up of Joker Machine Clutch and Brake Levers for a Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Café.

Another nice piece of hardware from the Joker Machine – a well crafted, ergonomic set of hand levers to replace the Triumph stock brake and clutch levers. Bryan Warren sent me these and I was very impressed. A solid piece of billet. (I suppose that’s redundant.) The levers were packed the same as other JM […]

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