Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket

The stock position of the ignition switch of a Triumph Bonneville T100 is inelegantly engineered, to say the least – very difficult to maneuver. As such, as documented in my BONNIE MOD #3 post <- click there, I purchased Joker Machine’s Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket. This allowed me to position the ignition switch on the frame’s […]

Progressive Motorcycle Show, 2014

Progressive Insurance sponsors a series of motorcycle shows several times a year throughout the United States. They landed in New York this year at Javits Center, December 12-14. This one was my first go and I loved it but several friends remarked that it was much smaller than usual. They chalked it up to the […]

Sons of Anarchy

Having a motorcycle, I’ve found that people quickly bring up Sons of Anarchy, a show that I hadn’t watched. For some reason, I originally thought that it was a reality show – not sure why. After the 10th person brought it up, I decided to take a look. Amazon Prime has the first six seasons […]

Joker Machine Clutch Cable Bracket

Bryan Warren over at Joker Machine sent me another replacement part that completely overshadows Triumph’s – the Joker Machine Triumph clutch cable bracket. Wow, what a difference. The Bonneville is a beautiful bike that Triumph keeps cutting corners on. Joker Machine steps up and gives the bike the respect it deserves. Triumph… are you listening? […]