Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket

Replacing the left sided Joker Machine Triumph Bonneville T100 Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket with a right sided version. Bonnie Cafe.

The stock position of the ignition switch of a Triumph Bonneville T100 is inelegantly engineered, to say the least – very difficult to maneuver. As such, as documented in my BONNIE MOD #3 post <- click there, I purchased Joker Machine’s Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket. This allowed me to position the ignition switch on the frame’s […]

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Progressive Motorcycle Show, 2014

Progressive Motorcycle Show, New York, December 2014. Bonnie Cafe.

Progressive Insurance sponsors a series of motorcycle shows several times a year throughout the United States. They landed in New York this year at Javits Center, December 12-14. This one was my first go and I loved it but several friends remarked that it was much smaller than usual. They chalked it up to the […]

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Dime City Cycles Rear Set

Using a lower angle banjo bolt to reroute the brake line for the Dime City Cycle Triumph Bonneville rear set. Bonnie Cafe.

When I installed the Dime City Cycles rear set, I used their supplied 90° banjo fittings (see BONNIE MOD #5). I found the brake line to flow very awkwardly. In fact, I had to run it outside the side cover (see picture below). Not only was the brake line crimping, it was 100% exposed to me hitting […]

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British Customs Quick Release Seat Bolts

British Customs Quick Release Seat Bolts for the Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Cafe.

With all the mods I’ve been doing, I’ve had to pull off the Triumph seat several times. Let me tell you, it is a pain. in. the. arse. The stock bolts are quite recessed and very hard to get to. Not only that, they’re in the shadows so it’s difficult to see to get the […]

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Sons of Anarchy

Linc Potter's Triumph Bonneville on Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy

Having a motorcycle, I’ve found that people quickly bring up Sons of Anarchy, a show that I hadn’t watched. For some reason, I originally thought that it was a reality show – not sure why. After the 10th person brought it up, I decided to take a look. Amazon Prime has the first six seasons […]

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Joker Machine Clutch Cable Bracket

Joker Machine Clutch Cable Bracket for a Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Cafe.

Bryan Warren over at Joker Machine sent me another replacement part that completely overshadows Triumph’s – the Joker Machine Triumph clutch cable bracket. Wow, what a difference. The Bonneville is a beautiful bike that Triumph keeps cutting corners on. Joker Machine steps up and gives the bike the respect it deserves. Triumph… are you listening? […]

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Joker Machine Bar End Mirrors

Joker Machine Bar End Mirrors for the Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Cafe.

After installing the Dime City Cycles “Speed” bar (see mod here), the Triumph Bonneville stock mirrors no longer worked as well as they did on the stock handlebar. I was able to rotate and twist them around quite a bit, and it was a big improvement both functionally and aesthetically, but they still took away […]

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NYC Street Corner Car Wash/Detailing

Getting the Triumph Bonneville T100 washed in New York City. Bonnie Cafe.

I live in an apartment building in New York, not a suburb with a house and driveway and water hose. I have not been able to find a self-washing facility like there were in San Francisco. As such, my only current option to clean my bike is to pay a guy on the corner. That’s […]

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Joker Machine Choke Knob

Joker Machine Choke Knob for Triumph Bonneville T100. Bonnie Cafe.

Another nice bit of “bling” from Joker Machine – a Triumph Choke Knob Union Jack 900 Clear. The Triumph stock choke knob is a pretty serious cheap piece of plastic, so the Joker Machine bit is a nice way of upgrading it. In fact, they have many options to choose from. The one Bryan sent […]

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Joker Machine EFI Carb Tops


After relocating the poorly located stock ignition switch with the freakin’ awesome Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocater (see Mod #3) that I purchased from British Customs, I entered into an email discussion with Bryan Warren over at Joker Machine headquarters. I had no plans on doing any mods that were purely cosmetic but Bryan changed […]

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TEC 2-1 Exhaust

Unwrapped Tec 2-1 Exhaust Pipes for a Triumph Bonnevile T100 Motorcycle, Bonnie Cafe.

PREFACE: I’ve been running on these pipes for a week before publishing this post and I must say, I LOVE THEM! Oh, before we start, check with your state’s emissions policy. Here in New York, motorcycles must pass a safety inspection each year in order to get registered. HOWEVER, motorcycles are EXEMPT from emissions standards – in […]

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Dime City Cycles Rear Set

Dime City Cycle Rear Seat for a Triumph Bonneville T100, Bonnie Cafe.

Wow! Here we go again. Another Dime City Cycles sexy mod. (I’m starting to sense a pattern here —DCC is my new BFF!) After installing their sweet “Speed” Clubman handlebar (which, I must say, completely transformed the look of my Bonneville in one fell swoop), I entered into an email conversation with Herm at DCC (as an […]

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GenMar Handlebar Risers

GenMar Handlebar Risers for a Triumph Bonneville T100, Bonnie Cafe.

Hey, Kids! So, after swapping out my stock handlebar… or is it “handlebars” – it’s really only just one bar, right? Anyway, after swapping it out with the Dime City Cycle Speed, aka Clubman, aka Drop, handlebar, I found that I was plopping too much weight on the front end (I’m a big guy). I kept having […]

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Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocator

Joker Machine Ignition Relocator for a Triumph Bonneville T100, Bonnie Cafe.

After swapping out the stock handlebar with a Dime City Cycle “Speed” Clubman handlebar, the ignition switch became very, VERY difficult to access. Geesh, it’s always something, right? So, I decided on a Joker Machine Triumph Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket. I saw other companies with speedo/tach clusters that incorporated the ignition switch. They were nice […]

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Dime City Cycle "Speed" Clubman Dropbar

Dime City Speed Clubman Handlebar for a Triumph Bonneville T100, Bonnie Cafe.

Ever since my ’59 BSA, I’ve loved the café racer. Screaming across the Bay Bridge on the BSA was such a high! Café racers are nowhere near being comfortable but, DAMN!, they’re the coolest and most fun. Don’t get me wrong… I love my new 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 but it is a bit stodgy. After the […]

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My First Triumph


When I lived in California, I had a Ducati 900SS. Awesome bike! Fast forward 12 years. I’ve been living in New York (Brooklyn, then Manhattan) for the past ten years. New York is an extremely motorcycle-unfriendly city, so I stuck with mass transit. I’m now working at Pantone in New Jersey and the commute via […]

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